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One of the essentials of web design is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a technology that should be woven into the web design process. Optimizing webs sites for search engines is a critical component to the success of your web site.

Web design has a significant impact on search engine optimization and how findable your web site is to search engines. Frequently, SEO occurs as an afterthought versus something we include in the early planning stages of a new site or a web site redesign. Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic science as algorithms and page rank factors are constantly changing.  We will help you take the guesswork out of search engine optimization.  The Next Generation Web Design SEO seminar will not only cover the basics, but also provide you with current and proven techniques to help you improve your web site's standing with search engines and directories.

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Third generation web design

The biggest change in Web Design history is happening now with the combined changes in HTML and CSS. In this seminar we will look at working with HTML5 and CSS3. We will show you many of the major changes and how these two cutting-edge technologies work together. HTML5 simplifies the code and cleans up HTML 4 issues. It allows us to have richer semantic markup, work with multimedia and cutting edge Application Programming Interface (API). CSS3 for the first time ever allows for a wide range of design techniques: from shadows, to gradients to (what we call) Font Freedom.

HTML5 & CSS3: Third generation web design seminar topics

When: Next location to be announced soon.

CSS3 Revealed

The future of web design

Web design is currently undergoing monumental changes. The combination of CSS3 and HTML5 will reshape the field of web design, turning the web design world upside down.

Be the first to discover the magic of the revolutionary upcoming version of Cascading Style Sheets at this must-attend seminar. CSS3 Revealed will show you how to create rounded corners, shadows, gradients and more without depending on images. Experience the unveiling of “Font Freedom”. Witness text and image transformations and find out how to add interactivity with CSS3 (no JavaScript required.)

When: Next location to be announced soon.

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(transparency new in CSS3)

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(CSS3 = font freedom)

April 13, 2011  4pm CSS3 Revealed a Seminar by Next Generation Web Design NC State University (McKimmon Center) Raleigh, NC
CSS3 Revealed a Seminar by Next Generation Web Design. Showing you the future of Web Design.
  Next Generation Web Design
Next Generation Web Design
NC State University (McKimmon Center Room 6) Raleigh, NC35.782588480885 -78.68563771247864
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